Thanksgiving 2020

Lincoln Proclamation

option #2 service. thanksgiving eve 2020 | all individual videos of service in ONE PLAYLIST

bonus: youtube playlist of 13 songs of praise compiled by Kathleen O'Hanlon  Many nations and multi cultural.  Excellent listen

if you aren't busy on Thursday Afternoon (tomorrow)  come back here and check.  we are going to try to have a zoom drop-in meeting.  You  can come in, check to see if anyone is visiting, leave, come back.  It's just an idea.  We'll start trying to set up about noon.   Hope this works! if it does.. see you then.  

"End Notes"

Thank you to: Pastor dudley elvery 
Tim VanNasdale, Music director
Liturgists: Bob James | Lois Toolan, "Panera" bible & book study friend 
first presbyterian church of Homewood virtual congregation
Kathleen o'hanlon for compiling "praise youtube playlist"

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