Christmas Eve 2020

serendipity! if there is any part of the "CHRISTMAS EVE CANDLE LIGHTING AND COMMUNION SERVICE 2020" you would like to enjoy again, some individual videos of service are in ONE PLAYLIST

1.  YOUTUBE PLAYLIST OF 13 SONGS OF CHRISTMAS compiled by Kathleen O'Hanlon

2. youtube playlist of 13 songs of praise for thanksgiving compiled by Kathleen O'Hanlon  Many nations and multi cultural.  Excellent listen

"End Notes"

Thank you to: Pastor dudley elvery 
Tim VanNasdale, Music director
thejursa family
first presbyterian church of Homewood virtual congregation
kathie hazlett
jan bunker
jay ruklic
laurie ulrich
glenna elvery
kathie darman
rev. dudley elvery
ed wahl
fpch virtual choir
a multitude of inspired hymn authors and musicians
...and all the people who support all the people who bring these services to you ..We extend a very heartfelt thank you and Merry christmas to you all

Kathleen o'hanlon for compiling our "youtube playlists"

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