august 1 2021
tenth sunday after pentecost

.  on sunday: to coNNECT to streaming live service  !!!!!!! CLICK HERE

1.Live: "hungry?!" | 17929 Gottschalk Avenue - Homewood, IL 60430  at 11:00 am august 1 Pastor Dudley Elvery

2. streaming: Between 10:58 and 11:03 >>>> Click here to watch service live. If there is no link, click "refresh" and try again. or call kathie at 708 471 3626,

3.Video below:  "hungry?!" 10:30 a.m. (or any other convenient time)

GIVE -- new electronic way to contribute (link:: a monetary offering) to first presbyterian church of homewood or you may also contribute by mail to:

First Presbyterian Church of Homewood
P.O. BOX 1519
Homewood IL 60430

  • 10:30 (or any time) the Video Link of august1 2021 worship service is above as usual

  • EVERYONE can MEET VIRTUALLY (ON ZOOM) TOGETHER AFTER WORSHIP IN REAL TIME BETWEEN 11:15AM AND 2:00PM. The time has been extended so that those attending the live service at the church building have time to get home and sign in (—WE CALL THIS HEAVENLY PERKS (BEFORE THE PANDEMIC, THIS WAS OUR SOCIAL COFFEE TIME AFTER WORSHIP.)
    the image below allows Direct entry. You won't have to wait to be admitted. 


Perks Enter Image 3976

please check out our new ways to contribute a monetary offering to first presbyterian church of homewood (click on the blue link)

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NEXT TIME: Readings for next week:  2 Samuel 11:26-12:13a and John 6:24-35, including Upcoming Virtual meetings in july/august 2021

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