Maundy Thursday 2021

Church CollageGood Friday Service

Below is the video link for the Good Friday Service shared with Calvary United Protestant Church | Calvary hosted the Good Friday service which was held in the Sanctuary and broadcast live on  Zoom and recorded for all (see link). The service began at 7:30 p.m and was a powerful one using the “voices” of six different people who may have been in attendance on the day of the Crucifixion. There was a Christ candle, cross and stones (representing our burdens), and music. Those worshipping with us at home via Zoom were asked to have a candle (flame or battery) that home viewers could have that could be lit/extinguished as it is being done in the Sanctuary.

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"Ash Wednesday 2021"

february 17 2021
ash wednesday
virtual joint ash wednesday service with calvary United Protestant Church  | bring pen/pencil & paper

worship service: "Joint ash wednesday 2021 service" [length 25:35]

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