First Presbyterian Church of Homewood


Worship begins each Sunday at 11:00 am in the Sanctuary and all ages are welcome.  In worship we gather in God's name with a joyful hymn of praise and then move into corporate confession of sin with confidence that God is gracious and loves us no matter what. Following our prayers we hear the good news of the gospel proclaiming God's forgiveness of our sins. Knowing we are at peace with God we can pass that same peace with one another, and then we are ready to hear God's word through scripture and proclamation.

We respond to God's word by reaffirming our commitment to be disciples of Jesus Christ.  This word includes affirmation of faith, entrusting God with our joys and concerns in prayer, and thanking God with our offerings of time, talent and treasure.   

The sealing of God's word comes through the celebration of the sacraments.  The sacraments are a visible sign of God's love for the world.  Presbyterians have two sacraments, Baptism and Communion.

Baptism is a sign of our welcome into God's family and may be celebrated with a person of any age.  Baptism is celebrated in public worship at the request of parents or an individual.  Ordinarily, parents who wish to present their child for baptism are members of the church.  This is because the congregation makes a promise to help nurture the faith of the child, and the vows of the parents indicate an interest in raising the child in the faith.  Those seeking baptism should speak with the pastor.

Communion is the joyful feast of the people of God.  This holy meal is also known as the Eucharist, Last Supper, or Mass.  We believe in an "Open Table" for Communion.  That means all baptized individuals who believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, regardless of age or denomination, are invited to partake in this holy meal.  The bread broken and the cup poured signify Christ's real presence with us and nurture us in our faith journey.  We celebrate Communion approximately one Sunday per month plus holy days, such as Christmas Eve and Easter.

Presbyterians believe God's word is proclaimed in many different ways.  Music, liturgical dance, art are just some ways worshipers are encouraged to express their faith.  Our music program includes an adult choir and handbell choir, a handchime choir, and occasional instrumentalists.  We have a Wicks Pipe Organ and a baby grand piano.  While our music is  based in traditional hymns, we also have blended in some contemporary songs and global music.  It is not unusual to hear a classic organ prelude, a contemporary anthem and a hymn with African drums in the same service!

Presbyterians believe that every member is a minister.  In keeping with that theology, we have lay participation in leadership on a weekly basis as liturgists, greeters and ushers.  Throughout the year members of the congregation also participate in Worship Design Teams.  These teams of 4-8 people work with the pastor to help develop a service or liturgical season of worship, beginning with Bible study on the scriptures, to creating the prayers, selecting the hymns and sometimes even preaching or offering testimonies.  Children, youth and adults are invited to be a part of this exciting worship ministry.

Special Sunday morning worship services include a Reformation Banner Sunday (a bi-annual celebration of our denominational history on the last Sunday of October), Breads of the World (celebrated in conjunction with World Communion Sunday the first Sunday in October), Music Appreciation Sunday (2nd Sunday in June), Confirmation Sunday, and other liturgical holidays.

In addition to Sunday mornings, we also have midweek services during the season of Lent, Maundy Thursday service, Good Friday Service.  We offer a Still Night Service in December for those who desire a quiet service of communion, healing and wholeness during the stressful holiday season.



In December of 2022 the choirs of First Presbyterian of Homewood and Calvary United Protestant church in Park Forest combined to be known as "The Combined Choirs of Homewood and Calvary." All year long as well as during the summer our singers rehearse the first two Wednesdays of every month from 7 to 8:30 pm.

We sing at both Calvary and Homewood, so our location for rehearsals is based on which church is hosting our combined worship service. Our combined worship services occur bi-monthly and are divided between Homewood Presbyterian and Calvary United Protestant Church in Park Forest. Our anthems encompass a wide variety of styles. We generally like anthems that are accessible and fun to learn.


In June of 2023 the handbell choir of Homewood and the handchime choir of Calvary United Protestant Church in Park Forest combined to be known as "The Combined Ringers of Calvary and Homewood." All year long as well as in the summer, our ringers rehearse the third and fourth Wednesdays of every month from 7 to 8:30 pm. We ring at both Homewood and Calvary, so our location for these rehearsals is based upon which church is hosting our combined bi-monthly worship service. We are a unique group in that we regularly ring both chimes and handbells. Our handbell/chime anthems encompass many different styles and techniques. We enjoy accessible anthems that are fun to learn.

The Director/Accompanist for both the Combined Choir and the Combined Ringers is Mary Ann Wenzelman. She eagerly invites all who love to sing and ring to join our choirs!

For more information on our rehearsal times, dates and locations,

you may contact Mary Ann at:

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